why is paint

protection such a good idea?


Every day your paint is subjected to any number of things that can damage it. The acidity of bird droppings is the biggest cause of paint damage, and can permanently destroy paint in as little as one hour. More commonly it permanently blemishes paint leaving a patch of discolouration. Tree sap can cause similar damage, UV rays cause fading and eventually oxidisation, which is when paint starts to feel chalky, or powdery. Environmental fallout of small metal particles can cause rust when left on your vehicle. Acid rain leaves permanent water marks etched into paintwork. Most used vehicles we see at mint fresh cars carry damage that is preventable with a good quality sealant or paint protection.

The science behind paint protection is that paint is sealed with a protective coating to prevent such damage occurring. Automotive paint is durable however its primary purpose is to give great aesthetic appeal. Paint protection is designed to enhance durability and preserve paint from damage. Most paint that we've seen on the market to date is designed for appearance, with the question of durability left to the owner.

There are many types of paint sealant or paint protection available. Mint Fresh Cars is an applicator of the Glare range of products, which include the active ingredient Glassplexin. This is a silica based compound that gives the protective qualities to our paint protection (not to be confused with silicone). Silica is also used to make glass, which is why we call it Glass Shield paint protection. Glass Shield protects against all the damage mentioned above, however it has one more amazing quality. It looks sensational! Even better than a new car. And it's permanent, so you'll never need to polish your car again!

So why is Mint Fresh Cars Glass Shield paint protection such a good idea?

  • auto paint gets damaged every day
  • the cost of respraying just 1 panel is at least $350 and could be as much as $900
    • paint protection is a great value way to protect against that risk
    • you'll never need to polish your car again
    • save time & money on maintenance
    • it will look better than a new car
    • maximise your resale value
    • makes washing & maintenance much easier
    • preserves the true colour of your vehicle
    • written warranty against damage

Don't waste money on costly paint damage repairs, protect your vehicle now with mint fresh cars Glass Shield paint protection and keep your vehicle looking its mint fresh best.


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