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Every day your vehicle is exposed to harsh conditions that cause oxidisation, fading, uv damage and include bird droppings, tree sap, road grime, acid rain, detergents, and silicone spray. Glass shield protects against this damage however it has one more amazing quality. It looks better than a new car. And it's permanent, so you'll never need to polish your car again! Preserve the integrity of your paint and eliminate the need for polishing while maintaining an appearance better than new car finish and increasing the value of your vehicle through car protection. Mint fresh cars offers two glass shield products. They both offer the same great shine and protection. Glass Shield 5 comes with a 5 year warranty and Glass Shield Advanced comes with a lifetime warranty Enjoy these great benefits-

  • never polish your car again
  • keep your vehicle looking like new
  • amazing shine
  • easy to clean
  • maximise resale value
  • protection against oxidisation
  • protection against fading
  • protection against bird dropping damage
  • protection against sap damage
  • written warranty
  • 5 year warranty on Glass Shield 5
  • lifetime warranty on Glass Shield Advanced


Glass Shield Advanced - Glare paint protection with written Lifetime warranty & car care kit

s $649 m $695 l $749 7 $770


Glass Shield 5 - Glare paint protection with written 5 year warranty

s $495 m $549 l $595 7 $619



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make life easy on the inside

Keep your vehicle's interior in as new condition - protect it! By treating all the plastic, vinyl & leather surfaces you prevent them from breakdown caused by UV damage which contributes to the old car smell. Treating the fabric & carpet stops them from absorbing spills, mud & water keeping them fresh and contaminant free. Just wipe up a spill with a cloth or vacuum up mud once it's dry. It's that easy!

  • prevents staining
  • keeps your vehicle smelling fresh
  • makes cleaning easy
  • never shampoo again
  • safe and effective
  • written warranty


Interior Protection Pack - Full treatment of carpet, fabric, plastic, vinyl & leather with lifetime warranty

s $330 m $370 l $395 7 $440


Fabric & Carpet Protection - for easy cleaning & protection from fading

s $165 m $185 l $198 7 $220


Vinyl & Plastic + Leather Protection - for the as new look & protection from UV damage

s $165 m $185 l $198 7 $220


what about rust?

Electronic Rust Inhibitor systems are the most effective way to provide rust protection and combat corrosion. An electronic pulse repels oxygen molecules in the air and water to prevent them bonding with the vehicle and causing rust. Our systems have been proven in beachside and heavy duty mining applications and come with a 10-year guarantee

  • proven over years of heavy duty applications in mines and coastal areas
  • electronic rust protection is absolutely the best method for rust protection and prevents corrosion
  • 10 year written guarantee from year of manufacture
  • maximise resale value of your car
  • inhibits rust in 4WDs


Electronic Rust Protection - the best protection against rust & corrosion

CAR $395 CAR $395 4WD $595 HD $795



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